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with Arizona Wholesale Solar and save on Average 20 - 25%



The day has finally arrived! Billions of people around the world have watched the solar industry for many years, wondering when technology would make this amazing resource available through the flip of a switch. In many areas of the world, these forward-thinking consumers are witnessing their dreams come true. Solar power is now one flip of the switch away, Arizona Wholesale Solar offers top reasons why you should make transition.

Reduce your power bill – or eliminate it entirely. In many areas, the cost of solar is far less than the cost of electricity. You have more important things to do with your money than pay for overpriced electricity. What will you do with your savings?

Multiply your savings year after year. The money you save the first year of service will impress you, but wait to see how much you can save in two, five or even 10 years. Remember, it is possible to eliminate your bill entirely, enjoying 100% savings.

Increase the value of your home. Not only will the monetary value of your property increase, but you'll benefit from enhanced social value as well. If you choose to sell your home in the future, you'll have a valuable selling point that will make your home more desirable than others in your neighborhood.
Stop the agony of rising rates. – Switching to solar allows you to lock in one affordable rate so that you never have to worry about what you'll find when you open your bill. Some electric services consistently raise rates, causing a slow bleed in your budget. Stitch the wound once and for all with solar service.

Backup battery systems can keep your home charged even when the local power grid is out of service. The energy allowing you to bake cookies or watch television also charges your reserve batteries just in case you need the backup later. Solar is the hardest-working energy source available today.

Do your part to protect the environment. Solar energy is one of the cleanest energies available because it comes from a renewable resource. It's time to give the earth a chance to rejuvenate while you power your home through the warmth of the sun.


Some solar enthusiasts have been building their own solar panels for years, but you no longer have to spend time on a DIY project to enjoy the benefits of going solar. In most cases, you don't even have to buy a solar kit or system. Arizona Wholesale Solar professionals take care of the entire project from obtaining required permits to installing up-to-date systems that keep your home well lit even when the neighbors are sitting in the dark due to bad weather.



Three factors go into whether solar is right for you.
Where you live – rates and incentives vary by state and utility company. Plus, you'll need to own your home.

How much electricity you use – the more you use, the more you’ll benefit, particularly in states like California, where you pay higher rates the more electricity you use.

Your roof – in good shape, facing any direction but north and not too shaded.


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